"I am so sad. I left home to get away from the grief of losing my baby. I talk to God, and I am trying to get closer to Him, but I don't know how."  Carla sat across the table from me sharing lunch. I had met her next door earlier that day when she came to clean the neighbor’s house. She borrowed some cleaning tools, and I invited her to lunch.

As we talked she told me that she was from the northern part of the country - about a 5-hour drive, and that she was looking for permanent work in our area, because she wanted desperately to leave home.

"Why did you feel like you had to leave home?" I asked. 

"I am so sad. I left home to try to get away from the pain of losing my baby."  

That wrenched my heart. I, too, know the grief of losing a child. 

"Do you have a personal relationship with God? He is the only One who can give real comfort,." I answered. 

With tears rolling down her cheeks she told me how she was searching for God. 

What a wonderful opportunity to share the gospel with this precious girl. I showed her from the Bible how she could have forgiveness of sin, eternal life and a personal relationship with Jesus.  She seemed hesitant, so I assured her there was no pressure. I told her that she could accept the Lord by herself in her own time. I asked if I could pray for her, and of course, she said, "yes".  

By the time I had finished praying, tears were flowing down both our faces.  I looked up and she asked, "Will you help me   accept Jesus? I don't know how to pray." 

Oh, the joy! We prayed, and she went back to work with a smile on her face.

Carla left that day with a Bible, a discipleship series study courses, and an audio Bible. I wasn't sure I would ever see her again. She later obtained a job closer to her home, but she stays in touch with me via whatsapp. She recently wrote and asked me to explain about the Lord's Supper - discipleship from afar. I referred her to a good church in the area.

I marvel at God's grace and His leading day by day in our lives. I have no doubt that He sent this young lady to me.